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What are Mixed Methods?

Mixed Methods:

  • the research approach where researchers collect and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data within the same study
  • this method has been growing in popularity due to the increasing complexity of healthcare delivery
  • draws on potential strengths of both types of research methods
  • allows researchers to explore diverse perspectives and uncover relationships that exist between the layers of multi-faceted research questions

Types of Mixed Methods

Explanatory Sequential
  • Quantitative data are collected and analyzed first, then qualitative data are collected and analyzed to help explain the quantitative data
  • e.g. A national survey of new RNs is undertaken, then personal interviews with 15-20 new RNs are completed
Exploratory Sequential
  • Qualitative data are collected and analyzed first, then quantitative data is used to text findings empirically
  • e.g. focus group data identifies trends, then a national survey is created based on the data
  • Qualitative and quantitative data collected and analyzed at the same time
  • focus groups and interviews with random selection of participants occurs at the same time as national survey
  • can be either qualitative or quantitative main design with the alternative paradigm embedded within the study to answer an complementary question
  • e.g. online questionnaire with an interview embedded


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