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Copyright & Fair Use

Applying the Rules

Images and Copyright

It is necessary to consider the copyright of any image you plan to use.

Images in the Library

  • In the library collections, ALL images are cleared for copyright use through the subscribing institution, American Sentinel College.
  • Students may use images for their student projects, and faculty may link library images into courses.
  • If you have access to databases through another institution, be sure you are considered a member of that community, e.g. another college or a public library, before using for other than fair use activities, e.g. student use.

Images found outside the licensed library collections

  • Images found online are NOT cleared through the library for any use. 
  • Images outside the library are NOT cleared for institutional linking into courses, as that would be considered commercial use. If you plan to use any images commercially, check that this usage is acceptable by contacting the creator.
  • There are many excellent sources of images on the internet, but the onus is on the user to ensure they are copyright-cleared for other than fair use as a student. 
  • For images with a Creative Commons license, you must be sure that the type of license fits the use you intend for it.

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