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Copyright & Fair Use

Applying the Rules

Copyright clearance means the licensed user (in this case, American Sentinel College) can 'copy' or reuse the subscribed to content.

  • American Sentinel College copyright clearance for licensed databases extends to community members (CURRENT students, faculty and staff).
  • This clearance allows the copying or use of the content in coursework, research, and for personal interest.  Users may use database-generated permalinks to share with other community members or link to discussion posts, projects or courses.
  • Copyright Clearance does NOT include using licensed library content or vendor logos for commercial purposes or to post it on external websites. ANY commercial use (e.g. university marketing, business applications, linking, etc.) violates the licensing agreement with the vendor and the copyright of the content owner/creator. Linking and reuse outside of fair use violates the licensing agreement and may result in legal action against the institution
  • Even with copyright clearance, the user MUST correctly attribute the item's ownership.  A common way to accomplish this attribution is through citations eg. APA Style

Library vendors sometimes include Open Access content in the licensed databases that the content creators have cleared for distribution under fair use.

  • open access content doesn’t belong to the site that distributes it (e.g. a library vendor) but to the creator. Only they can provide copyright clearance beyond fair use (e.g. citing and linking into courses). The website will often provide further information on copyright clearance for that content beyond fair use.

Open Access content accessed online (outside the licensed library collections) is NOT copyright-cleared for sharing or linking into courses.

  • Typically, users can quote from and properly cite content they access on the internet 
  • ALL content be copyright cleared with the creator before it can be legally linked into courses at a for-profit institution such as American Sentinel College at Post University. 
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