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Legal Resources for Healthcare

Need to find a Nurse Practice Act for a specific state? Need an article that discusses Nursing Scope of Practice? Want to find case law that speaks to a specific issue in healthcare practice? Look in this guide.

Healthcare professionals are usually governed by laws and regulations at the state level.  Also, there are practice standards for members of health professional associations, that may be both state and national. In addition, there are unions with their own standards.


In Florida, there is a state law called the Florida Nurse Practice Act that outlines competencies needed for nurses practicing in Florida and their Scope of Practice.  Every state has a similar Act. To make it easier to find the act for any state the regulatory body NCSBN has made them readily available from their website. See below for the link.

State Laws

Case Law: State Court Opinions

EXAMPLE: Google Scholar: choose Alabama, all state and federal courts who write opinions,  then search on hospital to return all Alabama full-text cases or opinions on that topic. Use the limiter on the left column on the search results page to limit the search to a certain year. 

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