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Library News: Library News 2021

Library News: November 2021 - Using the DOI

DOI’s do not take you to an article in a library. They will take you to a publisher site. If all you have is a DOI, there are ways to find the citation and maybe the article.

  1. Search the DOI in your browser to get the citation at the publisher site
  2. Search the citation in the library by: journal title, author, article title or a combination in advanced search 
  3. If the ASC Virtual Library does not have your article try searching:
    • on the full citation, without the DOI in Google Scholar to find a free link to the full-text 
    • in to find the nearest library to you (by zip code) that has a physical copy
    • your local public library catalog and request an interlibrary loan

Need assistance with this or any other library feature?  Contact the librarians at:

Library News: October 2021 - Saving Searches in OVID

If you love the nursing content in OVID you will love the new  Saved Searches & Alerts interface available on Sept 30. Existing saved searches and alerts will not be affected by the transition to the updated interface. *Do not use Internet Explorer.

Need assistance with this or any other library feature?  Contact the librarians at:

Key Updates Include:

  • A new, modern interface that is clear and easy to navigate.
  • Favorites tag and filter to find favorited searches quickly.
  • RunCopy and Delete buttons stay stationary at the top of the page while scrolling through the list of saved searches and alerts.
  • Single editing feature to  both rename and edit a saved search or alert.
  • Click on  for examples of each AutoAlert format.
  • Larger default size for the Recipient's Email Address box so that you can insert multiple email addresses more easily.

Library News: September 2021 - Library Video Tutorials

Were you wondering where to go for library instructional videos and orientation content? 

  • The library has a guide that hosts a number of links to videos made by the librarian, others on YouTube from the vendors who create the databases and to presentation links.  
  • Recently, a librarian from the Post-ASC Virtual Library presented a Library Orientation session: Rev Up Your Research Skills for the Post University Partner Engagement series called Progress in 30 Minutes or Less.
  • You can access that orientation and other content  in the Videos, Tutorials & Training guide in the library.

Your librarians are familiar with your instructors and curriculum and are available to help with reference questions 7 days a week.  

Contact your librarians at: 

LIbrary News: August 2021 - Dynamed and NRC Plus in the LIbrary

It's always a happy day when new resources arrive in the library.  This month features the addition of Dynamed and Nursing Reference Center Plus.  The library A-Z List of Databases has the resources linked and ready for use.

  • Dynamed provides access to daily updates on 9,500+ topics in 35 specialties and is fully downloadable onto a device with no cellular connection required. Incorporates content with the IBM Micromedex drug database, monitors 500+ Cochrane journals and 19,000+ national and international guidelines. 



Nursing Reference Center Plus is a new take on a popular and well-used library reference resource. Access content that includes: Skills with Videos, Cultural Competencies, Management Topics, Care Plans and under More - 8 Nursing Reference eBooks and Patient Education sheets. Tour NRC Plus This brief video (2:57) provides an overview of this easy to use resource.

Please contact the librarians for assistance in using these or any other library resources.

Library News: June 2021 - Public Health Research Network


               20 areas of public health scholarship are included in this online repository and subscriptions are free during the startup phase.  SSRN is a great resource to connect with other researchers and also to obtain copies of hard to find research articles, directly from the author.  The Annual Review of Public Health is included in this free open access resource. 

LIbrary News: May 2021 - Women in Leadership

Library News: April 2021 - Expanding Your Research Horizons

Sometimes looking in the more specialized collections and individual databases in the library, is just what a search strategy needs.

  • While taking a Search All Databases  approach to the topic may provide a lot of results, it's much harder to limit them outside of the actual database.
  • Each of the main library journal collections:  OVID, ProQuest Central and EBSCOhost,  have journal content that is unique.

OVID content is especially unique, in that one is unlikely to find that content elsewhere.

  • Linked in the A-Z LIst of Databases. there are 27 full-text peer-review journals in the OVID collection.
  • The journals were acquired to provide a focus on programs offered through American Sentinel College
  • Titles include: AJIC: American Journal of Infection Control, AJN, American Journal of Nursing, CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Health Care Management Review, Journal of Nursing Administration, Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, Nurse Educator, Nursing Management, Nursing Research

Need help expanding your horizons?  

Contact the  librarians at:

Library News: March 2021 - New Journals in the Library

 You may have noticed some new journals in the library A-Z List of Databases. 

  • Typically journals are contained in a collection.  
  • But three new journals are so specialized that they are standalone titles from the publisher. 
  • Two new journals are linked into OVID and Science Direct in the A-Z List of Databases.
  • Access all the new titles through the A-Z List linked in the page footer in the library, or by title in the A-Z Dropdown menu on the library homepage
  • Like all content in the library, the journals are searchable through the Search All Databases box on the library home page.

The five new titles requested by the Dean to support your studies are:

  • Group Processes & Intergroup Relations (by title in A-Z)
  • Journal of Bioethical Inquiry (by title in A-Z)
  • Journal of Vocational Behavior (by title in A-Z)
  • Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine (OVID)
  • Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal (Science Direct)

Library News: February 2021 - Black History & Culture


The library has a new guide called: Black History & Culture.

The guide is split into primary document and secondary source websites,  featuring historical 

and cultural content in the form of images, documents, artworks, music, historical analysis and cultural commentary.      


Celebrate Black culture every day of the year. 






 Photo by jodyhongfilms on Unsplash

Library News: January 2021 - DNP Project Digital Repository

Did you know that the Virtual Library maintains a full-text repository of submitted DNP Projects?

The repository houses over 200 unique full-text projects, written between 2012 and  2020.

There are a couple of ways to search for a project:

  1. Click into the guide at the foot of any library page and browse the A-Z Listings by Author last-name
  2. Use the Search this Site search box on the top right of the library pages and search on title topic or author. Click into the result that comes from DNP Project Digital Repository Guide

For assistance with these or any other research in the library, please reach out to the librarians at:

The librarians monitor this email 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Library News: December 2021 - Holiday Wishes

holiday images

The Virtual Librarians wish you the best of the season! 2021 has not been an easy year, but the whole American Sentinel College at Post University community has come together to show a commitment to teaching and learning and fostering positive academic and personal growth.

The librarians are happy to support your academic journey. Your librarians are available over the holidays, with no change in service, 7 days a week. Please reach out any time with questions at

The librarians welcome your feedback on the library supports and services. If there is anything you'd like to share with us, the librarians are always happy to hear from you. You will also receive an email request for feedback within a few days after reference contact. 

At this time of the year the librarians hope you have space to rest and reflect on the year that has passed and the year to come. 

Your Virtual Librarians

Melody, Cheri, Samantha, Sarah, Alix


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