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Library News: Library News 2023

Library News: September 2023 - Locating a Specific Article in the Library Databases

Locating a Specific Article in the Library Databases

What do you do when you find an article through Google and you want to know if the Library has it?

1. The easiest way to find out if the library has an item you're looking for is to use the Journal Finder on the library homepage to look up a specific journal name or use the Search All Library Databases tool and search by article or book title.

2. If you are searching by article or book title remember to put quotation marks around the phrase to search for an exact match.
e.g. "Journal of Pediatric Nursing"

If the article is not part of the Library's collection:
1. Google Scholar: search by article title to see if there is an open (free) version
2. WorldCat (a database of library holdings across the world): search for the book or journal name along with your zip code. If you find it at another library, be sure to call and ask permission to borrow it.
3. Local public library: ask them to bring it in for you on an interlibrary loan.

Questions about this or anything else? Contact your librarians 7 days a week at

Library News: August 2023 - New Journals in OVID!

Check out these new, full text nursing journals in Ovid (on the A-Z List of Databases in the Library):

• Nurse Education Perspectives
• Professional Case Management
• Nursing Administration Quarterly
• Journal of Advanced Nursing

For more information on searching in Ovid, check out this video.
Questions about this or anything else? Contact your librarians 7 days a week at

LIBRARY NEWS: July 2023 - NEW * DNP Research Support Library Guide * NEW

The focus for this month's Library News is the recently completed

multi-page library guide that supports the activities of DNP students. 

DNP Research Support

Users will find information on the following:

Users will find the guide linked in the footer on the Library webpages.

Questions about this or anything else? Contact your librarians 7 days a week at

Library News: June 2023 - New ChatGPT & AI Guide

NEW - CHATGPT & Generative AI Library Guide

Since the artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT was introduced in late 2022, this new technology has displayed the power and potential that AI can have on our lives. It has already has a dramatic impact on education.

Find lots of helpful information in our new Library Guide including:
• What is ChatGPT?
• Chat GPT and academic integrity (including how to cite information from ChatGPT)
• Ways generative AI can help your study
• Limitations and drawbacks
• Tips to get the most out of the technology
• Lots of further reading

Resources for Faculty:
• Detection tools
• Tips for using in the classroom
• Tools for learning about generative AI and assessing AI tools for use in the classrooms
• Further reading

Questions about this or anything else? Contact your librarians 7 days a week at

Library News: May 2023 - NEW Library Databases

New Library Databases

Access Medicine

  • provides access to medical textbooks, a multimedia library, clinical case studies, study tools, and quick reference tools including practice guidelines and diagnostic tools

Cochrane Library

  • a collection of databases with high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making
  • includes systematic reviews in health care, reports on controlled trials, and clinical questions and answers


  • comprehensive collection of Industry Market Research Reports, containing industry information for over 700 companies

Find these on the A-Z List of Databases in the Library.

Questions about this or anything else? Contact your librarians 7 days a week at

Library News: April 2023 - Specialized Library Resources

ASC Virtual Library contains specialized resources tailored to the unique programs at American Sentinel College

The following curriculum-specific content can be found in these unique resources:
Nursing and Healthcare eBooks:
EBSCOhost eBook Collection
Nursing Reference Center Plus
ProQuest eBook Central

Specialized Nursing & Healthcare Journals:
Journal of Professional Nursing
Health Business Elite
Health Policy Reference Center
Healthcare Administration Database
Nursing & Allied Health

Nursing, Healthcare & Business Dissertations and Theses:
ProQuest Dissertations & Theses

Nursing & Healthcare Videos:

Make sure to check out these Nursing Specific Tools:
• Evidence-based drug information about specific topics and specialties
• Recent drug alerts
• Drug interactions
• Medical calculator

Nursing Reference Center
• Care sheets
• Evidence-based information about specific diseases and conditions
• Skills and competency checklists
• Critical skills tutorials with videos
• Drug references and guides
• Nurse management topics
• Cultural competencies

Find these on the A-Z List of Databases in the Library.
Questions about this or anything else? Contact your librarians 7 days a week at

Library News: March 2023 - Celebrate International Women's Day

International Women's Day is on March 8

International Women's Day is a global day recognizing the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women and also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

Selected Library Resources:
- The Radical Roots of International Women's Day (Audio)
- Gender Equality in the Health Care Workforce 
- Gender Equality at Work: Some Are More Equal Than Others
- Is Femvertising the New Greenwashing? Examining Corporate Commitment to Gender Equality
- Modern Women: 52 Pioneers
- Medicine Women : The Story of the First Native American Nursing School
- Insurgent Women : Female Combatants in Civil Wars
- Pirate Women : The Princesses, Prostitutes, and Privateers Who Ruled the Seven Seas
- Schooling the System : A History of Black Women Teachers

To find these and much more, use the Search ALL Library Resources Tool on the Library webpage, or select databases from the A-Z List of Databases.

Questions about this or anything else? Contact your librarians 7 days a week at


Library News: February 2023 - Research Tips for Literature Reviews

Research Tips for Literature Reviews

1. Choosing Your Topic
- not too narrow or too broad and then refine as you learn more about it
- you may have to reevaluate if there is too much information or too little
- define some selection criteria for exclusion of irrelevant papers to limit your scope
(e.g. articles published in the last 5 or 10 years, only articles published in the United States)

2. Researching Your Topic
- create a research plan, including:
- different search words, synonyms, and phrases for your topic
- experiment with these in your search
(e.g. try adding/subtracting search words or swapping them out and see how the results differ)
- plan to use multiple databases and resources (e.g. ProQuest Central, CINAHL, Google Scholar)
- focus on the most frequently cited literature about your topic and literature from the best known scholars in your field

3. Tracking
- you will be reading a lot of different sources and you will want to keep track of them
- Try a citation manager like Refworks (Find Refworks on the A-Z List of Databases)
- keep notes on papers that you can't access immediately so you may try retrieve them later

Check out the Literature Review section on the Library website for more information.

Questions about this or anything else? Contact your librarians 7 days a week at


Library News: January 2023 - Locating an Article in the Library

Locating an Article in the Library Databases

What can you do when you have an article title but you need to know if the Library has the full-text?

You can search for the article title (enclosed in quotation marks) in the "Search ALL Library Databases" box on the library homepage.

If the Library has the full-text, it will come up in the result list.

You can also go into individual databases, linked on the  A-Z list of databases (e.g. ProQuest Central), and search for article titles, enclosed in quotation marks.

If you're looking for a specific journal, you can use the Journal Finder tool on the library homepage to search by journal name.

Questions about this or anything else? Contact your librarians 7 days a week at

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